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What are Custom Stainless Steel Sinks?

Custom stainless steel sinks are manufactured according to a customer's requests when it comes to the sink's style and size. They are most often designed to fit into areas that have measurement restrictions, or custom counter tops. They may also be customized for industrial use to soak or clean large objects.

How can stainless steel sinks be customized?

There are a number of style options and variations, and a client could choose from any of these when he or she orders custom stainless steel sinks. There are a number of exact sizes to choose from, and this means that the sinks can be tailor made to fit well into any space, however large or small.

Some clients or home owners may choose custom stainless steel sinks as a replacement for an older or antique sink or basin. This is often the case when older homes are restored and the owners want to preserve as much of the authenticity of the property as possible, even in new additions. There are a number of custom sink makers who will be able to create a replica that looks exactly like the original for use in situations like these.

Clients also have the option to choose the shapes, textures, and even the color of the sinks they order. A custom sink could be given a hammered texture, or the sink could be coated with a layer of paint to make it look like something other than stainless steel. Most clients may prefer stainless steel, because of its modern appearance and feel.

The sink can also be designed to fit into or onto an existing counter or work top. Under-mounted sinks can be made without any joints or creases, so that the sink and counter seems like one unit. This option often gives a more modern and elegant look than other stainless steel sinks.

Considerations before choosing a design

The main considerations when purchasing custom stainless steel sinks include their intended use and the size restrictions of the installation area. If the client needs a sink for a residential setting, it will most likely be used to wash or dry dishes, or in a laundry room to hand wash or soak clothing or other laundry items. The sinks have to be designed in such a way so that they match the style of the room as well, and they have to fit snugly into the or on top of the counters. Laundry sinks are usually much larger than kitchen sinks, and they often have a freestanding option. The freestanding option often uses four legs, just like an ordinary table. Freestanding sinks are usually very big, but have much simpler designs than other sinks.

Restaurants may also use a stainless steel sinks to wash and rinse dishes. These sinks may also be used in an industrial setting, in a doctor's office, or other public buildings. These sinks are most often customized, because of their special size requirements. For large volumes of hand washing, the sinks have to be fairly large.

Considerations before purchasing a custom sink

Custom stainless steel sinks are often more expensive than the ones you'd purchase from a store that carries standard stock. It's best to list all the features you require ahead of time, because this will help you cut down on any customizations or features you don't really need. It's an easy way to stick to a budget, and will also help with the design process.